Oboe Studio

Our model at the University of Maryland School of Music is to maintain an oboe studio of around 10 students, providing sections for three major ensembles. As a general rule we have two-thirds undergraduate students and one-third graduate students.

In addition to the weekly private lesson, we have studio class every week, which is often a master class setting providing opportunity for students to perform repertoire informally before upcoming concert performances, or to demonstrate work in progress. This time is also used for two mock auditions each semester, as well as a forum for discussing various performance related topics. Most weeks there is an informal reed-making class (separately scheduled).

The three major ensembles are the University of Maryland Symphony Orchestra, the University of Maryland Wind Orchestra, and the Symphonic Wind Ensemble. In many ways the core of the performance program at Maryland is the chamber music program, and I administrate the woodwind portion of that program, and make special effort to see that my students are given appropriate and rewarding chamber music assignments.